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About Us


Through community events and onsite programs, we provide unique experiences with horses for all ages and disabilities. We recognize that interaction with animals is beneficial for all people.  Working with horses can: Build confidence, Improve self-awareness and focus, reduce loneliness, anxiety, and feelings of isolation, decrease impulsive and self-destructive behavior, foster creativity

What We Do


Our Vision

We desire to serve riders of all ages with autism, learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, ADHD, developmental disabilities as well as Veterans with PTSD. Our goal is to create a positive learning environment for both beginners and intermediate riders with programs and services that motivate and encourage a healthy relationship with horses and other riders.


Our Mission

A non-profit organization 501(c)(3), our mission is to offer safe, nurturing riding programs and activities with equine interactions for children, adults and families with and without special needs. We encourage and can help improve physical and emotional independence while raising confidence. We offer recreational riding, steep programs and skilled events that help achieve personal learning goals.


Our Goal

Our passion is to provide an opportunity for a joyful, healing, fun, life-enhancing experience to as many children and adults with special needs in our community as possible.  We ensure the highest quality and safety for all riders.  Our program encourages continuous education and training with our staff, volunteers and horses.  We are continually working to grow our program and we have developed an active Board of Directors from members of our community.

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