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Amber's Angels

Ambers Angels is a place where we guide children to focus and to thrive. To discover independence and self-confidence. Horseback riding and animal therapy is an alternative to physical therapy for children and individuals with physical or mental disability.

It takes 6-9 months for a horse to become comfortable with all the non-traditional things that are expected of them in a Therapeutic Riding Program.  Many of our horses are rescued animals needing months of rehabilitation and training. Riding a horse helps liven sensory preceptors which help make therapy exciting and motivates individuals to continue to be engaged. Therapeutic equine interactions improve the social skills of people with disabilities who may have difficulty interacting with others.

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Therapeutic Riding



What We Do

Through community events and onsite programs, we provide unique experiences with horses for all ages and disabilities. We recognize that interaction with animals is beneficial for all people.  Working with horses can: Build  confidence, Improve self-awareness and focus, reduce loneliness, anxiety, and feelings of isolation, decrease impulsive and self-destructive behavior, foster creativity

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